Towards a digital village

Familiascondiabetes – It is undeniable that the progress of time requires that we participate in the adaptation rapidly in various fields, including in the field of town government. It is the communications and information office of Purwakarta Regency that has made breakthroughs in the field of technology, where all towns in Purwakarta Regency now have their respective town websites.

Ridwan Kamil, governor of West Java, said Digital Village is a community empowerment program through the use of digital technology and the internet to develop town potential, marketing and acceleration of access and information services.

The big goal is that all public services in the town will be digitized, internet connections will be corrected, that commando centers will be built and that town communities can use social media to promote and promote excellent products in their regions.

He said the Digital Village program has changed at least several livelihoods in rural areas. The beginning of the expansion of online sales in towns and Islamic residences, the conversion of town halls into digital centers, the presence of the Sapa Warga service to satisfy aspirations, the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) such as the e-fisheries program, fish finder and liquid fertilizer drones.

The town web is divided into two parts, the first is the town web which is responsible for government affairs, which provides community information, town government activities, promotion of town tourism, etc. The second is a special website that deals with the field of economic empowerment managed by each BUMDs. This special BUMDes web content of the town is offered to promote local products from local towns, which can be culinary products, crafts and so on.

This innovative step from the Disominfo of Purwakarta Regency deserves thumbs up and is collectively supported by the entire community, especially the town government. This is the first step where the digital world will become the basis for town development in the future and cannot be separated from the management of the town government.

The reading interest of the Indonesian people is the lowest compared to other Southeast Asian countries. The culture of reading books has also been displaced by electronic media, especially social media, where people on average have their own device. The opening up of social media and online media is a daily necessity and is even addictive. It appears that this phenomenon has been carefully utilized by the Purwakarta District Communications and Informatics through the establishment of town websites known as webdesa.

In the future, of course, we still expect the development of the features of this website, so that it can better reach different groups of people with different needs in terms of information and product needs. It is not impossible that this site will become one of the great beginners if it is managed seriously and continuously. In addition, the support and assistance of the Purwakarta Regency Government is optimally executed.

Now is the time for villagers and village governments to not only be spectators in the excitement of the digital world, but also be able to participate and play a role in it. We, as village leaders, are very grateful and especially support all the efforts and initiatives of the Purwakarta district info. Hopefully the webdesa will grow and have benefits for all levels of society.