How to Choose Good Elephant Ginger Seeds

Familiascondiabetes – Ginger is a very popular spice in Indonesia. How to choose good elephant ginger seeds is also quite easy to do.

This plant, which bears the scientific name of Zingiber Officinale, has a characteristic pungent taste that comes from the content of a ketone compound called zingeron.

Ginger belongs to the Zingiberaceae tribe or to the gathering tribe. How to grow ginger is pretty easy too. The same goes for growing ginger with a hydroponic system.

Because it has a characteristic pungent taste, ginger is widely used for hot drinks that can warm the body when consumed, especially at night or in mountainous areas.

However, Japanese and Chinese ginger are widely used and consumed in the form of pickled ginger. In addition, ginger can also be made into other products such as gingerbread candies or dried gingerbread cookies. See sowing media for durian seeds and tips for planting them.

Types of ginger

Ginger plants themselves can be divided into several types, including red ginger, spirit ginger, and elephant ginger. Of the three types of ginger, elephant ginger is a ginger plant with the largest and largest rhizome size and is of premium quality.

In terms of taste, compared to other types of elephant ginger, it tastes less spicy and aroma less strong. The color of the rhizome is usually yellow or light yellow. Find out how to grow sweet potatoes.

Choosing elephant ginger seeds must be done well to get good seeds. This will help your elephant ginger plant to grow well and healthy.

Here is a more complete explanation on how to choose good elephant ginger seeds:

Take ginger seeds straight from the plant.

The good and superior Elephant Ginger Seeds can be obtained directly from the Elephant Ginger Plant. The part of the plant used for ginger seeds is the tuber or rhizome.

Remember to take seeds from equally superior and healthy plants. The quality of the elephant ginger plant can be seen in the healthy stems and leaves, which are fresh and free from all plant diseases and pests. You can try to grow plants that bring in a lot of money.

  • Choosing ginger seeds from fairly old plants
  • Elephant ginger seeds should be taken from fairly old elephant ginger plants.
  • Choose plants that are 10 months or older. This will be useful in helping to speed up the growth of elephant ginger shoots.

Choose seeds that are not damaged or blistered

After you find a fairly old and healthy elephant ginger plant, take the part of the tuber or rhizome that is not injured or blistered. Also avoid rhizomes that are not healthy or rotten.
This is important so that later sown elephant ginger plants can grow fresh and healthy as well.

Choose large enough rhizome seeds

Large ginger rhizome seeds will grow faster and can produce quality ginger crops that are also healthy and tall. For this, choose ginger rhizome seeds large enough to plant.

Hence an explanation on how to choose good elephant ginger seeds. Hope this information can be helpful.